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Stainless steel sink shelf

Stainless steel sink shelf

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Stainless steel sink shelf

 A sponge shelf for the sink is a functional and convenient item in the kitchen, useful for storing sponges, small cloths, and you can also put other small utensils in it.
Storage and organization: This shelf is designed for storing sponges, cloths, and small tools such as dish brushes and cloths. It helps to create order around the sink and maintain cleanliness.
A personal touch: a shelf for sponges is available in a variety of styles and designs, so that you can find the right shelf for the design style of the kitchen. You can also adjust the colors and materials to your style.
Simple installation : the shelf can be installed simply and without the need for special tools. Most of them are produced with adhesive surfaces or come with brackets for installation on or near the sink.
Maintenance and cleaning: the shelf is easy to maintain and clean. In most cases, it can be cleaned with a damp towel and soap.

guitar pick:
Size: 7.09*3.74*4.13 inches
Material: metal \ stainless steel

Installation steps:
1. Align the shelf.
2. Insert the shelf into the buckle.
3. Install the shelf on the faucet.

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