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Terms of use and privacy policy
"The Company": Elegance Decor
• "The Website" – the website
• "The items" - home and garden products and gifts for the family
• "Shipping address": the address indicated by the orderer as the address for receiving his/her orders.
• "The day the order was placed" - the day the credit company approved the transaction made by the orderer.
• "Business day" - business days are weekdays, Sunday through Thursday, and do not include Friday, Saturday, holiday eves and holidays.
• "The customer"/"user" – any person (including a corporation, company or partnership) qualified to perform binding legal actions, who has a valid credit card in his possession and an email address.
• The website is operated by and owned by the company.
• The site is used as a virtual store to purchase the company's products.
• You can contact the company's customer service at the email address:
And by phone number: 0552645973 also available through the "WhatsApp" applet.
• What is stated in these regulations in the masculine language is for convenience only and the regulations refer to members of both genders equally.
• The purchase through the site is subject to the conditions specified in these regulations.
• The mere purchase of the product on the website will constitute a declaration by the customer that he has read the instructions of this regulation, understood them and agreed to them. The regulations constitute a binding contract between the customer and the company.
• It is clarified that the company may, at its discretion, stop the site's activity at any time and without prior notice.
• It is clarified that the company may change the regulations at any time, without prior notice.
• If the customer is a minor, or has a guardian appointed, the customer is required to inform his parents and/or his legal guardians regarding the provisions of these regulations and obtain their permission to carry out any activity, of any kind, within the site.
the purchase
• The site allows customers to conveniently, easily and safely buy the company's products in a virtual way.
• You can purchase the product on the website at any time until the stock runs out.
• The purchase on the site is by credit card only and the transaction will be carried out after the approval of the credit company.
• The price of the product displayed on the website includes the VAT.
• The company reserves the right to update the products on the site at any time, to remove products that are out of stock, to stop marketing and sales of products, to change the price, etc., and all this without any prior notice.
• The company reserves the right to deny the right to purchase on the website at its sole discretion.
• It is clarified that the photos on the website are for illustration purposes only.
• The credit clearing will be carried out through an external company and all responsibility and/or information and/or credit details of the customer will be the responsibility of the clearing company.
• The information provided by the customer on the site will be used, among other things, for sending e-mails regarding the company's promotions.
Conditions for completing the purchase transaction
• The purchase transaction will be carried out only after the completion of the order process and after receipt of the billing confirmation by the clearing company.
• Completion of the purchase transaction is also conditional on the requested products being in stock at the time of completion of the order procedure.
• In the case of a product that is out of stock and/or there is a problem with its supply, for any reason, the company may notify the user of the cancellation of the order. Said notification will be delivered to the user via e-mail and/or by telephone message, at the company's choice in such case, the user will not have any claim against the company and by the fact of placing the order, the customer waives any such claim.
• The company reserves the right to limit the quantity of items in each order.
Returns and cancellations
• The customer may cancel the transaction he made on the website in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: "Consumer Protection Law") or alternatively, exchange the product for an equivalent alternative product.
• The customer may not cancel a product that bears the customer's name and/or is embroidered with a personal design for him. For example: a product bearing the customer's name, and will not be entitled to a refund, unless cancellation of the transaction was requested before the company performed the action. It is agreed that to determine whether the company carried out the action, the company's report will be the determining factor to review a factual issue as it arises.
• Canceling the deal or replacing the product is conditional on being done within an hour of completing the order of the items on the website and before the items are shipped to the customer. The cancellation or replacement will be done via email -, or in front of the customer service by phone - 0552645973.
• If the customer chooses to cancel the order, he will be entitled to a full refund (including the shipping fees, to the extent that they were charged).
• The cancellation of the transaction or the exchange of the product will be valid only after receiving a written notification from the company confirming the request.
• The transaction cancellation policy detailed above will only apply to products purchased on the website. The company will not handle the return of products purchased through another source.
Return or cancellation request form
Cancellation of the purchase transaction by the company
• The company has the right to stop at any time, at its sole discretion, the activity on the website and/or cancel a purchase transaction made on the website in the following cases:
• After the purchase transaction was completed, it was discovered that the item was out of stock.
• A case in which, due to "force majeure", the company is unable to properly manage the site, provide the user with the products and/or meet any of its other obligations. In this section "force majeure" means: restrictions due to the corona virus, computer malfunctions, malfunctions in the telephone system or malfunctions in other communication systems, any sabotage and a security incident.
• Under the aforementioned circumstances, the company may cancel the transaction or offer the customer a replacement item of equivalent value, at its discretion and in accordance with the circumstances of the cancellation.
• Canceled sale as mentioned, the company will not be responsible and will not bear, in any case, any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused to the user or a third party.
Delivery and transportation of the product
• The company will take care of delivering the product to the customer to the address typed by him when making the purchase on the website in accordance with the data he entered.
• The company will not be responsible for any delay and/or delay in delivery and/or non-delivery caused by force majeure and/or events beyond its control.
• The product will be delivered to the address provided by the customer at the time of purchase.
• The product price does not include the shipping cost.
• The product will be delivered up to 7-21 business days from the day of the order.
Customer Service
• For any question or inquiry regarding the product, you can contact the company's service representatives by email at and by phone at 0552645973.
Warranty and service
• The sole remedy for any defective product is limited to replacement of the defective product.
• The total liability of the company in relation to any defective product shall in no case exceed the purchase price of the defective product.
• The company will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage arising from the use or incorrect use of the product, including any accidental, special, indirect or consequential damage.
• The customer bears the responsibility and all risks and liabilities for loss, damage and damage to his body and/or his property and/or the property and/or the bodies of third parties, arising from the use and/or non-use of the product, except in cases where it is determined that said damage was caused due to its sole negligence of the company.
Information security and privacy
• The company and other sub-factors acting on its behalf, may use the information in order to bring you the requested information and services.
• The company takes common precautions in order to maintain, as much as possible, the confidentiality of the information. In cases beyond the company's control and/or resulting from force majeure, the company will not be responsible for any damage of any kind, direct or indirect, caused to the customer, if this information is lost and/or used unauthorizedly.
• The company undertakes not to use the information provided to it by the customer except in order to enable the purchase on a sales site, and in order to provide you with information about the products and additional information via email or any other means, about services and resources related to the company's products and in accordance with all laws .
• By clicking the "Send" button, there is consent for the company or someone on its behalf to use this personal information.
• If you would like to remove your personal information from the company's mailing list at any time, send us an email at
Intellectual Property
• All intellectual property rights on the website are the exclusive property of the company.
• Do not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish or use in any other way any information from the website unless consent to this has been given in advance and in writing on behalf of the company.
law and unique jurisdiction
• The interpretation and enforcement of these regulations and/or any action or conflict arising from it, will be done in accordance with Israeli law only. The courts will have unique jurisdiction.