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Decorative scattering vases

Decorative scattering vases

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Decorative scattering vases

Vases are popular and useful design items in home decor. They can be impressive in their beauty and privacy, and fit into almost any design style.

Varied materials and designs: our vases are made of ceramics, they vary in shapes, colors and designs.
Various uses: vases are used for plants, bouquets and live or artificial flowers. They can also be used as a means of independent design, like mosaic vases, or to indicate a specific place in the house.
Upgrade to the space: vases provide an option to add color, texture and beauty to the space. They can be placed on shelves, tables or hung on a wall.

Various styles: Jasmine vases, including modern, vintage, classic and luxury designs. This gives you many options to design your home according to your style.

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