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Radiant beauty stones

Radiant beauty stones

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Glowing gems

In today's design world, the use of luminous stones has become an inspiring mechanism. The stones guarantee the attention of everyone who sees it.

Whether you use the glowing stones as decorative details in the interior of your home or upgrade your yard with stone walkways between the plants, they can always ensure a special beauty and glow.

In the living spaces, stones can be used as important decoration details, such as spectacular stone corridors, stone dining tables, or even stone winter grates to heat the house. They add romance and warmth to the space in a perfect way.

But the use of the glowing stones is not limited to houses only. In yards, they can be used as shaped rocks or as Phoenician stones, giving the garden or yard a mysterious and decorative look.

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Product material: resin

Product packaging: 500 pcs/bag

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