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Wicker basket

Wicker basket

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Wicker basket

A straw basket is a custom design item that can add a natural, textural and diverse atmosphere to home and kitchen design.
Natural materials: straw baskets are made from natural materials such as reeds, bamboo, arumolit and more. They add natural texture and warmth to the environment.

Different sizes: straw baskets are available in a variety of sizes, from small, round baskets that are suitable for storing small items, to large, square baskets that can be used as straw living rooms or flower living rooms.

Versatile uses: Straw baskets can be used for a variety of uses, including storage of items such as ceramic papers, towels, food, or toys, as well as a decorative look when filled with flowers, fruit, or design objects.

Cleaning and maintenance: straw baskets are easily wiped with a damp cloth and mild soap. They are water resistant and can last in a humid environment such as kitchen and bathroom.

6. *Personal touch*: To add personality and style to the party, you can add personal contents to the basket such as a gift box, straw ribbon.

A straw basket is a decorative and functional item that can add a lot to home and kitchen decor. It is diverse in sizes, shapes and styles and can serve a variety of needs and opportunities in your home

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